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5 Drinking Myths, Busted


Many drinkers think they know-it-all! They continuously spew bad advice that their college seniors and the “been-there-done-that” folks have passed on to them. As a result, the world is inundated with barrel loads of bull!


It is time to bust some popular drinking myths that most of us believe. Let’s go!


1 . “Puking helps me sober up!”


The next time you create abstract art on the sidewalk, don’t think you have got rid of the alcohol in your system!


50% of the alcohol you consume goes into your bloodstream in just 10 minutes. Alcohol doesn’t go to your digestive system but is processed by the liver instead, so puking isn’t going to help.


“But puking makes me feel better!”


Your stomach produces hydrochloric acid when you drink. This is what your body rejects (not the alcohol), creating a false feeling of invincibility.


If you have reached that point in the party where you have turned into a missile launcher, you have plenty of booze in your system that will take a day (and a massive hangover) to get over!


Don’t think you can puke it all away and be fresh again. Doesn’t work that way! A word of advice – Don’t get to that stage!


2 . “A drink makes me sharper and confident”


Yes! And Unicorns exist and India can beat Germany at football!


Get real!


Alcohol is a depressant; it slows the function of the central nervous system and alters a person’s perception, emotion, movement, vision and hearing.


We all know that guy who, after a few drinks, claims he can drive, solve advanced calculus problems and wrestle alligators. Alcohol affects different people differently, but under no circumstance does alcohol give you “control” or “confidence”. Don’t confuse you feeling confident with your body is scientifically capable of doing.



3. “Hard liquor makes me more drunk than beer or wine”


An artist’s rendition of a drunkard is more likely to have him swinging a bottle of whisky than a pint of beer!


There is because of a stereotype that beer is for light-weight while hard liquor is for the big boys!


The truth is that one 12 ounce can of beer, one 4 ounce glass of wine, 1 normal mixed drink and 1 cocktail have the same alcohol content!


4. “Passing out is not a big deal! I do it all the time”


Sometimes, passing out is spoken about with a lot of pride. It was almost rite of passage that everyone must go through to prove that he/she is a “drinker” and an adult (Boys belonging to certain African tribes must kill a lion to prove maturity. So much easier!)


Passing out isn’t cool. Apart from the unflattering fact that you can’t hold your liquor, passing out is unsafe.


Reflexes like coughing, gagging etc is nature’s way of reacting to danger. Excessive alcohol consumption dullens your nervous system and shuts it off eventually. Vomitting can choke a person and cause death by suffocation. A drunk, unconscious person must be turned to the side to prevent choking. It is a pretty big risk, medically speaking.


The next time someone says “Dude! I got so wasted last night! No idea what happened. I passed out! So cool”, knock some sense into him/her. He/She will thank you for it!


5. “A huge meal before drinking will keep me sober”


Many people think they have the license to drink as much as they want because they had a heavy greasy meal before.


To a certain extent, food in the stomach delays the process of alcohol absorption but it does NOT prevent it completely. So don’t think you can load up on burgers and fries and drink a whole barrel! You will end up feeling sick.


The next time your friends mention any of these “facts”, gently point out that it is a load of bull… and tell them exactly why it is so.


As we always say, drink responsibly and be safe! Much easier that way. Cheers!

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