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6 Great Desi Bar Snacks!

Don’t get me wrong! I don’t want to go all sanskaari on the drinking community! I enjoy bacon wrapped sausages, pork ribs and other continental-style pub delicacies as much as anybody else.


But have you ever found yourself craving some spicy tandoori chicken to go with a chilled corona? Or maybe some juicy paneer to accompany your whisky?


We asked some strangers about the “Desi” snacks they preferred that they would want to see in pubs.


Here’s what they suggested.


  • Shammi Kebabs


Shammi Kebabs (originally from Punjab, Pakistan) are minced lamb meat patties that were originally made for a obese nawab who lived during the Mughal times. He had no teeth and wanted kebabs that were so soft that he could still enjoy the meat without having to chew!


Meat is a great accompaniment to any kind of hard liquor and red wine. If you are sick of steaks and ribs, you can try this Punjabi classic for a change.


  • Peanut Masala


Nuts per se, are not specifically Desi, as they are found on bar counters around the world. But a few chopped onions, tomatoes, coriander add that zest and desi tang. It goes with almost anything. A word of caution though, too many nuts could make you feel bloated and heavy, so take it easy.


  • Masala Papad


Papad is often thought of as a lunch staple. But it is a great side to go with your drinks


Add chopped chillies, onion, garlic, tomatoes and coriander and break it up into small, bite sized portions. It goes great with beer/whisky and has a crunch and spice that is tangy and satisfying.


  • Achari Paneer Tikka


Paneer is the last refuge of the vegetarian in any pub. Apart from being a great health food, achari paneer tikka has a fiery taste that goes well with chilled beer or a strong, peat-flavoured scotch.


  • Fried Idli


Idli enjoys a cult status south of the vindhyas. Even abroad, Idli is respected as a health food.


Fried idli is the unhealthy version of the steamed idli. But the dish is easy to whip up for a last minute party. Sprinkle some gunpowder and oil and serve it hot.


  • Tandoori Chicken


There’s something evergreen about angry red, spicy tandoori chicken and green mint chutney!


Tandoori chicken has the flavour and spice to go with a strong whisky/rum. As a side to beer, tandoori chicken must be eaten in small portions, lest it fills you up too much (You are drinking beer after all)


Think we missed a few snacks? Let us know in the comments section below. We would love to know!

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