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The Best Hangover cures

Mr. Hangover is a scary, tattooed debt collector who comes to collect what you owe him for having a nice time last night!


If you partake too vigorously, he’ll go easy on you. If you drank yourself silly, he will arrive at the time you wake up, knock you on the head, punch you in the stomach until you feel queasy. He will then accompany you to work and countless trips to the restroom, remind you what an ass you have been, and make you say the five famous words “I am never drinking again!”


Even though Mr. hangover leaves in a day to trouble other revellers, he is miserable company and sucks all the happiness out of  life!


To make your life easier, we dabbled in yoga, tried ancient chinese medicine, ran marathons and drunk buckets of coffee to find the perfect hangover cures.


Here are the top 5 cures that have worked!






Sounds simple right?, But trust us, it works! The only medically proven cure to a hangover is H2O. Alcohol is a diuretic and dehydrates your system. The million trips to the restroom are proof of this.


Drink plenty of water before you retire to bed or even alternate glasses of water with beer. Don’t wait until morning because the alcohol would have done its mischief by then.






When you are hunched over the porcelain throne, your body is full of toxins. A trip to the sauna could help to steam those toxins out of your system.


However, the caveat here is to check how dehydrated you really are. If you are severely dehydrated, the sauna will do more harm than good and you will end up feeling like you tried to run across the sahara. If you feel hydrated but have a nagging headache, sweating it out (by doing nothing!) helps!


Ginger tea




Though it may not be your favourite drink, but ginger tea has Epigallocatechin galate that is known to help your liver (a long suffering victim) and detox your body. So if you wake up with a splitting headache, force yourself to make yourself a cup of tea, and muster the courage to drink it in one shot!






Before you think we are crazy, let’s tell you, it works. This is something that many people the world over do to flush out the toxins (especially the fitness conscious)


Even if it doesn’t work wonders, the endorphin rush will make you feel better and less guilty about the previous night. Keep yourself hydrated throughout.






If you don’t have to rush to work the next day and look at scary excel sheets, sleep in. Forget about the greasy sink, the dirty floor and the roommate who is half under the sofa.


Your body has amazing potential to get back in working condition so give it a chance!


So the next time Mr. Hangover comes calling, try any of these tips to keep him at bay.


Someone wise once said that prevention is better than cure, so the best cure for a hangover is possibly to avoid it (Easier said than done..We know!)


  1. Stick to clear spirits. They are less likely to cause hangovers because they don’t have congeners (the byproducts of alcohol fermentation that causes hangovers.)
  2. Drink in moderation (2 drinks minimum and not more than 5!) and
  3. Don’t chug like the world’s coming to an end!

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