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Say “Cheers” in 10 different languages!

Sound smarter at your next party!


There is one word that people instantly recognise irrespective of the language they speak. No it isn’t “Sex”! (Alright!… that’s true too!)

One word can turn strangers into friends and cement friendships the world over.

Despite the popularity of “Cheers!”, different cultures have their own way of announcing a good time!

Let’s quickly learn some interesting ways to say “Cheers!”


  1. Japanese – “Kanpai!” (Kan-Pie)
  2. Russian – Na Zdorovie (Na zsdaro-vee)
  3. Spanish – Salud (Sah-lud)
  4. German – Prost (Prosht)
  5. French – Sante’ (Sahn-tay)
  6. Chinese – Ganbe (Gan-bay)
  7. Afrikaans – Gesondheid (Ge-Sund-Hate)
  8. Greek – Yamas (Yam-aas)
  9. Turkish – Sefife’ (Sher-i-fe)
  10. Thai – Chokdee (Chock-dee)


If you are travelling abroad and have no time to learn the language, learn how to say cheers instead! You’ll be surprised how useful it will be!


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Sei-Gesund (That’s Yiddish by the way!)

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